I love making things.

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I'm an entrepreneur and artist at heart. I thrive when I’m listening to people’s stories, uncovering the unexpected, and coming up with new ideas. But I don't stop with gathering insights - I'm even more excited about rolling up my sleeves so I can get to work building.

I started my first business when I was nine (a little store) and have been launching projects around the world since then.  

These days I’m spending my time heading up new products focused on wellbeing in the Hatchery, AARP's innovation lab, where I lead up Confetti, a tech startup transforming how we celebrate milestones with the people who matter most. It's the best because I get to learn a lot from older ladies about living, aging, and what makes a good life. I also get a lot of joy from a community of soulful, creative women I lead called Circle of Magic (check it out!).

What I bring

  • Facilitation

  • Project management

  • Writing

  • Storytelling

  • Visual communication

  • Business modeling

  • Product management

  • Design research

  • Ethnography and discovery

  • User testing

  • Insight generation

  • Prototyping

Where I've worked

Things I love

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Art salons

I host gatherings for local musicians, poets, and visual artists.



I lead a group of lady creatives in DC called Circle of Magic.


Local food

I adore cooking, especially when creating with ingredients from my local farm share.