This month, my inspiration was set on fire by the art of my grandmother. Her artwork adorns my walls, and one evening I started pulling out elements of her pieces and playing with them in my sketchbook. I combined them with drawings of the plants in my apartment, and the following illustrations are the result.

When I was 8, my grandmother drew a portrait of my aura as a gift for me. On the bottom of the piece, she wrote me a blessing: "May you see with the lighted clarity that sees you. Let the silence be your ear."

Postcard 2.jpg
Postcard 3.jpg
Postcard 4.jpg

Here's me playing with what these pieces might look like as art prints.

mockup of wall frames.jpg

I ordered these pouches made with my drawings from Society6. I'm so excited about them!


Transforming these illustrations into whimsical wallpaper.