I write on social entrepreneurship, gender and art.


World-Changing Ideas That Scale

The scope of the challenges facing our planet is massive. How can we use our time on the earth to support scalable solutions that could change the lives of millions of people?

Mobilizing Your Resources for Women

The gender lens investment movement is gathering momentum, helping to build resources around women across the world.

Women's Entrepreneurship in Global Contexts

Written by leading scholars from a wide range of countries, this book advances the understanding of women's entrepreneurship by drawing attention to the contexts in which they operate.

A Little Known Soul Superstar

Hadar was perplexed. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of soul music, yet had somehow never heard of this performer before. When he opened up one of the hand-drawn albums covers, the puzzle started to make sense.

Home vs. Soul Place

In an increasingly globalized world and tangled life, it seems like Home, Soul Place, and Immigration may not all be in harmony all the time.

Redefining Informal Economies

Framing people as ‘self-employed’ rather than ‘informal’ is a first step to recognizing the power that lies within communities and workers.